Arvin Kanani

Arvin Kanani

Android Developer &
Web Designer.

I like to craft android applications and websites

with great performance and user experience.

Highly skilled at making applications & website with the help of different tools and high standards

Experience in building successful products for clients across several countries

Android Applications

Making different applications over the years based on the different needs of companies has made me work with all kinds of tools used in Android and master them. In addition, the need for other skills has encouraged me to learn other languages such as PHP and databases like SQL.


During this time, in addition to learning and working in the field of Android applications, I also learned to design websites with WordPress and through the projects I did for different companies, I continuously improved my skills in designing better websites with higher quality and speed.

Over the Years

I’ve built products for companies around the globe. Android apps and Websites with focus on better performance and high quality user experiences.

Currently I work for a Photography company calls Shahrampix. I am working on the website of this company as a freelancer, the purpose of the website is to present the achievements and photos that this company has been able to take over the years.

Before that, I worked at Navasannegar company as a Website Developer. My main focus was on designing and building a website and presenting new ideas according to the requirements of one of the largest electricity production companies in southern Iran…

I build &
design stuff

Android projects

and websites

I write,

About new technologies,

android dev,

learning and life.

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