Arvin Kanani

Arvin Kanani


Previous slide Next slide Conectar is an e-learning platform that connects people looking to learn English to professional native English speakers. We had to bring the entire classroom experience to the web and make it feel as immersive as possible. To achieve that, we needed to build multiple apps into the system like comms (video, […]

Mr. Coffee

hellotax is a VAT compliance automation software tailored towards multi-channel traders across Europe. The company already had a functioning web app but needed a professional to create an entirely new experience with the latest technologies to leverage speed and provide an optimal user experience as their customers were increasing. At the core of the product […]

What is programming? (in a simple word)

If you are a programmer, you have probably faced the question of what is programming many times. Today, programming is considered as one of the most popular and lucrative jobs. Programming is so popular among people that almost everyone is familiar with it. As you know, there are many types of programming languages. The existence […]